Nytrix - About our vision and story

About Nytrix

and our vision.

Our focus and vision is usability and design. The end goal is to have good function and/or spread information, that has to be the main focus and shouldn't be hidden in too much design and animations.

Our process

The process is the most important in development. You or your product are the main focus in the process.

Understanding you

  • Character
  • Target group
  • Your story
  • Site structure
  • Your product

The solution

  • Structure design
  • Userbility test
  • UI design concept
  • Responsive UI
  • Design personality

Development process

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality control
  • Client control
  • Release!

Our parent company

Nytrix is a Kolmans company. We live by the mentality of Kolmans and their other projects. We do most websites that are connected with Kolmans.

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